BrainPan — Vulnhub Walkthrough


  • 9999
  • 10000


Before Running Script
After Running Script
Output of
pattern_create.rb metasploit-framework payload.
Registers overwritten
Exact match found at 524.
Inserting B’s at EIP.
EIP written with 42424242 = hex value of BBBB
No bad chars. Nothing replaced by original hex
Mona instead of Moana
!mona modules
I found return address: 0x311712f3
breakpoint hit at JMP ESP.
part 1
part 2
  1. Padding added “\x90”*16 bytes
  2. IP address changed to our real target machine, instead of testing windows machine


  1. I thought we either need to intrude some information from files in linux in Z: drive
  2. (or) I shifted to C: drive and tried windows escalation.
  1. Files in linux held nothing.
  2. C: drive was just a drive which seemed to be of windows, it had not capability of windows commands except some basic cmd commands, but no sensitive files.
plugnplay running
  1. Changing home directories of users : denied
  2. Uname -a : linux kernel info
compile dirtycow for 32 bit linux kernel
access to /etc/shadow




OSCP | CEH | Cyber Security Enthusiast.

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Dhanishtha Awasthi

Dhanishtha Awasthi

OSCP | CEH | Cyber Security Enthusiast.

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